Center for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy & CTSI Team Science Grant

Faculty located at all UCLA CTSI partner institutions are eligible (must apply for CDMD membership - details below)

The Center for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (CDMD) and the UCLA CTSI are soliciting applications for a team science award.  The CDMD provides an academic home to researchers in the Los Angeles area interested in discovery and translation of therapies in the muscular dystrophies. ( The goals of the CDMD are to identify disease modifying drug targets, perform intelligent drug design and conduct clinical trials.  To be eligible to apply, two or more PIs must jointly propose a new project that is likely to lead to extramural funding, and serve the dual purpose of promoting collaboration and attracting investigators that broaden the research base.  Both basic science and clinical research studies will be considered.

CDMD/CTSI Team Science Grant Program

The purpose of the program is:
1.    To provide seed grants to PIs proposing promising or high risk projects in the muscle field, for which preliminary data are lacking,
2.    To support researchers who are not experienced in muscle research, but who have a novel idea or hypothesis that merits investigation and
3.    To provide support to junior level investigators interested in muscle research.

All applicants must join the Center at the time of application. Faculty located at all UCLA CTSI partner institutions are eligible to apply for CDMD membership.

For award details and to apply, click here.

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