The criteria for designating Center Members have been established by the Executive Committee.

The criteria are as follows:

  1. The member must have an interest in basic muscle biology or development of therapeutics related to muscle disease as well as federal funding to carry out this research.
  2. The member must have a willingness to participate in the monthly seminar series.
  3. The member must have a willingness to attend the annual retreat.
  4. The member must have an expressed interest in using at least one core facility to accompany the member's research program.

Privileges of Center Membership include:

  1. Ability to compete for pilot and feasibility study funding.
  2. Availability of core facilities to benefit their individual research endeavors.
  3. The benefit of interacting with an intellectually engaging group of muscle researchers and access to free exchange of ideas.
  4. Participation in seminars, journal clubs and the retreat.

To join the Center, please contact either Stanley Nelson ( or Melissa Spencer (